Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stan Laurel Bruschetta and "Puttanesca"

I've been posting about my dinners a day late recently, but yesterday I named the mac 'n' cheese according to the day I wrote about it rather than the day I made it. So while today is June 18, this meal is named after Stan Laurel's birthday: June 16, 1890. That's because, [sic] I played Laurel in my second grade play! I was a shy kid, but my drama / art teacher knew I had it in me to be performatively dopey, and I did. Boy was I funny. No really, ask anyone!* Stunning resonance: the scene we did was in a restaurant. (I can't find a video of that sketch, sorry.)

My parents wanted to give me a break from cooking, so they spent just about two hours (and a bottle of wine) in the kitchen whipping up three different kinds of bruschetta (black olive tapenade, black bean paste and Daiya, eggplant and tomato) and a cannelini bean puttanesca (I don't know what that word denotes, exactly, but that's what my mom called it). [Update: puttanesca usually contains anchovies. No anchovies were killed in the making of this particular puttanesca.] It was delicious and I ate too much.

*That is, anyone who was present for the performance and raised me.


  1. so what's on top that looks like cheese?

  2. Daiya cheese, a miraculously cheesy un-cheese.