Sunday, June 26, 2011

On Vacation

Haven't been updating the last little while because I'm on the road. Spent several days in Red Hook, NY visiting my girlfriend's best friend at Bard. It's been great. I even met the mayor of Red H. and talked to him about the recent $8 million sewer system referendum. (The people voted "No.") Last night we ate at a Mexican place. The iPhone taught me how to say "Soy vegetariano estricto (que no come ningún producto de origen animal)." Don't quote me on the parenthetical, I haven't spoken an honest lick of Spanish in over four years. ("Hace quatro años que estudie español"?) Other things: finished reading Philosophy and Animal Life; watched Paris, Texas. Good works about which I feel ambivalent.

Going to Portland, ME tomorrow. Maybe will post about dinners cooked there.

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