Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alcoholics Anonymous Penne with Pesto

AA was founded 76 years ago yesterday (which is when we ate this) by Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson in Akron, OH. Two thumbs up for mutual aid groups. Everything I know about AA I learned from Infinite Jest. What a weird person I am.

Tonight Mom and Dad and I went to Himalayan Fusion for dinner. It was good. I'm not going to post a recipe for the past because I wasn't watching and because I think my mom just cooked some penne, sauteed some zucchini, and made basil pesto in a food processor with oil, lemon, salt, and pine nuts.

Grandma pointed out yesterday that it was Saul Bellow's birthday. I read Humboldt's Gift years ago. Didn't really like it. Anyway, Grandma wrote me this lovely ditty:
Grazie mille.
When the moon hits your eye 
Like penne or pizza pie 
That's amore. 
But a gauche gastronomical slight 
On old Saul Bellow is a serious fright.
Thus we historians must ask you why 
When you know he was a respected guy 
Not even breakfast?
When I asked her what she thought Saul might like, she replied with this:
While U Do the Hokey Pokey
U breakfast on 'Shrooms Smokey
With a Diet Cherry Cokey
That's what it's all about
That's the teddy bears' picnic
Now I know where my talent comes from.

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