Saturday, January 22, 2011

This & Blumethal Chocolate Mousse

I don't think I need to make a joke about what this looks like. It's actually chocolate mousse, as conceived by Hervé This and Heston Blumenthal. My right forearm and hand were killing me after this, I think because I used some fair trade African chocolate which was only 55% cocoa solids rather than 70-80%. But the work was worth it, because this is delectable stuff. 

makes approx. 3 servings 

6 oz. chocolate chips
<2/3 c. water
1 Tbsp. light brown sugar

1. Melt the chocolate in the water with the sugar over the stove.
2. Pour the melted chocolate into a bowl which rests in a larger bowl full of cold water.
3. Whisk until your arm falls off. Or until the chocolate thickens. You want it to get fluffy but if you whisk past the point of no return the mousse gets grainy. It's not really a point of no return, though, because you can always melt it again and start over.

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