Friday, January 28, 2011

Data Privacy Bread

This bread was a failure, so I figured I'd name it after today's holiday, Data Privacy Day. Baking bread should be pretty straightforward, but I managed to screw up my first attempt at yeast bread. My guess is I wasn't paying attention to the temperature of the water and shocked the poor yeast with a cool drink when what they wanted was something warm. I made the preparatory error of deciding to veganize this honey-heavy recipe instead of just trying to remember what my dad does. I subbed brown rice syrup for the honey, but even that wasn't enough to revive the yeast.

I'm not posting a recipe, because I wouldn't want to lead anyone astray. I went through with the whole rising, kneading, rising, punching, rising, molding, baking process. Only there was no rising on the part of the dough. It baked nonetheless, and I had a quick pre-work meal of the above ultra-dense loaf with olive oil. It was essentially a roll fashioned out of flatbread dough. Tomorrow I think I'll make flatbread with the remaining dough (there's a lot of it) and cook some bean patties and red pepper dip and have myself a sandwich.

Published a twitter-fiction piece on Nanoism.

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  1. Was the water too hot instead of too cold? That'll kill the little yeasties quick-like. If it's cold, you should have been able to warm them up and have the dough rise, just much slower than otherwise.