Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break Curry

I'm at my parents' house in Virginia for spring break, so I won't be posting until next weekend. I left most of my work at school, so for the next few days I'll be sleeping in and lounging and trying not to let the ominous feeling in the back of my throat turn into a fever.

Mom doesn't remember where she got the recipe for this dish, but the formatting looks like Gourmet. It was good, but she was disappointed that after all the spices she threw into it it wasn't more flavorful. Also, spending an hour or more cooking dinner is apparently extraordinary. Dad made bread (yum).

After dinner we watched Errol Morris' Gates of Heaven, a documentary about pet cemeteries. Mom: "too slow." Dad: doesn't watch movies. Me: "an expression of the necessity of critical (animal) theory."


  1. I took a train from Grand Central to the Hartsdale pet cemetery once with my ex-boss and her dead cat that had fallen out of her apartment building window. (Sadly it happened when she was in London on business and one of her girlfriends was taking care of him. Ugh!) We picked out a little urn and walked around the grounds while the cat was cremated. Great day all around. Bizarre experience.

  2. That comment was for Tim, not for you Pranayama mama...