Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Open Letter to My Father

Dear Dad,

Do you have stock in a palm oil extraction firm? Not quite sure why you were irritated enough by my "comment that 'Palm oil is bad'" to call it "a gross oversimplification." I should have clarified that I didn't care in the least about the claims that palm oil is bad for one's health. What I believe is a salient ethical consideration re palm oil is the environmental damage its production requires. You're right that I made "a rainforest destruction problem sound like the product itself is dangerous, evil, etc."" You know why? Because a product that necessitates rainforest destruction is itself bad. Your analogy between palm oil and electricity is completely spurious. A better analogy would be between palm oil and diamonds. Bloody, bloody diamonds, which are bad products in virtue of the consequences of their production.


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