Monday, July 11, 2011

Air Jordan Breakfast in Bed

Haven't updated in a while because we've been eating out, receiving food from my girlfriend's wonderful grandparents, and cooking things I've already posted about (in this case, pizza). It was my 23rd birthday on July 8, and my beloved made me this beautiful-looking, pleasure-making tofu scramble for breakfast. Holy moly. Better than any tofu scramble I've cooked or ordered. Not sure what the magic ingredient was (love?), but the prosaic ingredients were tofu, potatoes, broccoli, spinach, portabello mushroom, grape tomatoes, Daiya mozzarella, cumin, cayenne, and sea salt. The toast even had Earth Balance spread on it!

Planned on having 5 pizzas for my party, but soon after pizza #1 went into the oven and the guests had arrived, the power in our apartment building went out. Until 6am. Candlelit dinner of chips more intimate than it sounds because of good company, a chocolate hazelnut apricot cake (courtesy of gf's grandma), coconut ice cream, and bourbon.

Will post about quesadillas tonight, perhaps. One other thing for now: last week I fried some leftover vegetables and put 'em over quinoa. The innovative move was mixing nutritional yeast and a little bit of piccante oil into the quinoa right after it's done simmering, while it's still moist and steaming.

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  1. Speaking of love, I never even wished you a happy birthday!! Happy birthday! Sounds like you're having an absolute blast.