Thursday, October 6, 2011

German-American Day Decidedly Un-Germanic Food

On October 6, 1683 "German immigrant families [founded] Germantown in the colony of Pennsylvania, marking the first major immigration of German people to America." Presumably because of that fact—never mind, Wikipedia's page for German-American Day states that 13 German families landed on the 6th and only subsequently founded Germantown. In any case, some Germans came this way and here I am. Reagan is responsible for reinstating the holiday on the 300th anniversary of its occasion. It needed to be reinstated because of WWI and subsequent feelings.

Yesterday I marched with Occupy Wall Street. Great to have a popular movement in the streets (or on the sidewalk, when the cops show up), but if we want to show 'em we won't tolerate life in a police state / financial state we're going to have to do more than march, forreal.

A.'s out of town until tomorrow night, so dinner was lonely. I made too much food, but it was good. The rice is yellow due to vegetable broth.

serves: 2-3
prep. time: 45 min.

1 c. short-grain brown rice
1/3 c. French lentils
1/3 c. yellow split peas
1/3 c. green split peas
1 Yukon gold potato, cubed
1 handful baby bella mushrooms, sliced
2 handfuls snap peas, halved (after cutting the ends and unzipping the spine)
1/2 bunch rapini, stems chopped
green onion, cut with scissors if you've got some

sesame oil
Bragg's liquid aminos
tamari soy sauce
balsamic glaze

1. Simmer the rice in equal parts water and vegetable oil.
2. Simmer the potato, lentils, and split peas in water.
3. Prepare the other veggies and steam them.
4. To make dressing, whisk 4 parts sesame oil with 1 part each of the other ingredients.

A twitter-fiction story I wrote in February just got published on Nanoism. Read it here.

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