Monday, August 29, 2011

Lefferts Gardens Dreaming

I won't be updating for a while yet, because A. and I are getting ready to move to Brooklyn on the first! We've been cooking lots but all stuff I've posted about before: crusted tofu with baked potato and broccolini, mac 'n' cheese, and pizza. Maybe soon I'll put up a quick pic and recipe of the simple but delicious tomato sandwich A. makes.

Favorable product review: I've been snacking on Amande almond yogurt and I advise you do the same if you're missing that particular dairy product. Best flavors are peach, coconut, and vanilla with fresh strawberries and banana.

Unfavorable product review: The mint chocolate chip flavor of Tofutti Cuties = wack attack. They should rebrand for that flavor only as Tofurri Curries, because the aftertaste of the minty chemicals cycles through caraway to garam masala.

What you see above is the fruit platter my mom put together for lunch a few days ago. Thanks for sending me the photo, Dad!

And now for a poem.
Lefferts Gardens is the name given to a residential neighborhood in Flatbush in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. Lefferts Gardens is a good buy for families looking for a more affordable (for the moment) version of their favorite Brooklyn nabes. Lefferts Gardens is served by the B/Q subway line, as well as the 2 and 5 trains and is a relatively short commute from Manhattan. Lefferts Gardens is getting in on the action too. Lefferts Gardens is the #106 most walkable neighborhood in New York. Lefferts Gardens is in limbo. Lefferts Gardens is lined with dozens of hair salons. Lefferts Gardens is the new Brooklyn Heights? Lefferts Gardens is one of the select locations where we're testing this experience.

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